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1. To discover, collect and preserve materials, structures and landmarks which may help to establish, illustrate and arouse interest in the historic records of the areas comprised of Wernersville and surrounding townships commonly called the Heidelbergs.

2. To maintain a museum and non-circulating historical library for the area.  

3. To preserve and encourage the ethnic characteristics of the area.

4. To own, acquire, lease or mortgage any real estate helpful, necessary or incident to the purpose of the Corporation.

Our History

     The Heidelberg Heritage Society was incorporated in September 1976.

     The Lerch Tavern was acquired in 1977 to serve as the Society's headquarters and museum.

Sketch of the Lerch Tavern building depicting the original architecture
Sketch of the Lerch Tavern building as it looks today
by H.E.Broderick

The original train station at Wernersville was a small frame structure which had served as the Lebanon Valley Railroad passenger station beginning in 1881.

The current Wernersville Train Station was built in 1927 to replace the  earlier small frame structure. The existing station was served by the Lebanon Valley Branch of the Philadelphia and Reading Company.


The Heidelberg Heritage Society has restored the Wernersville Train Station in the interests of historic preservation.


Membership in the Heidelberg Heritage Society is open to all who are interested in helping to preserve local history and culture. 


To contact the Society about membership, call or email Dick Schuster, Membership Secretary:



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